MacBook 3d laptops

Here we go... it is the new MACBOOK with the latest 3D technology.


New Laptops For the Profesional designers

Have you ever experienced the new amazing DESIGNING Laptops?

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MacBook Touch? Maybe, Just Maybe…

Designer Tommaso Gecchelin isn’t oblivious to all the rumors surrounding a netbook or tablet-like PC made by our favorite fruit manufacturer. We try not to indulge in rumors here at YD but sometimes they do provide fuel for inspiration, such is the case with this MacBook Touch.
Gecchelin reasons if Apple were to go small, flexibility may be more important than hard rigidness – a trend current Apple laptops buck because they’re in favor of unibody construction. Flexible OLED technology may be the key because it can provide the rich color and resolution density needed for a smaller screen without being a power hog and resists damage by its malleable nature. The thinnest screens now are barely 8mm thick and can fold like a piece of paper.
The core of this concept is a technology he calls iSpine. Like the spine of a book, the tech avoid excessive compression on the screen, yet allows the laptop to sit in multiple viewing positions. Go from a normal laptop with screen and touchscreen board – to a large widescreen canvas for drawing, presentation or movie watching. To keep everything minimal, ports like power, the mini display, and additional USB are externalized on a “Magic Dock” to keep most of the laptop slim and clean of an array of holes and plugs.
Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin.


Finger Trap

Here comes the newly desighned finger trapping laptop. It traps the finger of those who miss uses ur own dream laps without ur knowledge... dosnt this look good ??


A Fresh New Look At The Computer

We are so traditional in our ways that we tend to presume the obvious materials of choice for something like our computers. Now, would you buy the theory of stretching a Bamboo fabric across the aluminum frame of the comp to protect its innards? This will not only cut costs of manufacturing by 65%, but also the bamboo will also do well as a ventilator.

Proposed to be sold as a stand-alone unit the HP LiM (Less is More) concept is set to feature a 19″ transparent touch OLED screen along with a wireless keyboard. The touch screen slides down to create a more ergonomic touch experience and easy navigation. It also features a virtual trackpad thus cutting down on mouse costs.


just one click

Just make one click over here


Canvas by Kyle Cherry

Designer Kyle Cherry has envisaged a new type of computer with creatives in mind. Called simply “Canvas”, the computer is designed to increase the quality and productivity of the designer or artist. It is intended to allow a user with little or no experience to make the switch from traditional to digital workflows by building the system around a more familiar interface. This concept should even make Wacom Clinq owners jealous.


USB Flash Drive

Snap! It’s a USB flash drive that looks like a domino but the disguise serves a purpose. Each white dot denotes 1 gig of memory used. Not sure how useful that is but at least you’ll be ready for an impromptu street corner game of dominos.


Latest Hybrid Computer

Can u believe the invention of the computer without the monitor and keyboard as a hardware component ? Here they have made it !!!


Enchanting Folding-out Laptop With Utopian Specs

No matter how advanced, progressive, sleek and lightweight our laptops get, the one thing that we sorely miss is an elaborate keyboard. I know of someone who uses his Macbook but in conjunction with a wireless keyboard. Many hybrids and self-built versions are out there being used by folks, so the question really is, are we happy with what the industry is dishing out to us? Or do we have to lust after Utopian concepts like the iWEB 2.0…with really drool-worthy features!

with really drool-worthy features!

Pencil Printers

Hurrayy.... Here is the printer which most would prefer in the following years. Have u ever imagined about the printers without any catridge ?? But it came in our generation. The New printer with no CATRIDGE and with the technology of pencil printing where u can erase and edit the contents of your documents wit the Eraser.

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