USB 3.0

Universal Serial Bus (3.0) :

Features :
  • Higher transfer rates (up to 4.8 Gbps). 
  • Increased maximum bus power.
  • New power management features.
  • Full-duplex data transfers.
  • Support for new transfer types.
  • Backward USB 2.0 compatibility.
  • New connectors and cables.

Advantages :
  • Faster Data Transfer speed.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Supply high power to the devices connected.

Disadvantages :
  • USB 3.0 is incompatible with USB 1.1
  • There are no Operating System (OS) Supportin USB 3.0 and hence Driver has to be installed separately.


Installing UBUNTU OS

Lets go with the installing process of  UBUNTU which is being used by many of the users.

  • Insert your OS cd and restart your computer.
  • your screen will appear as shown bellow.

  • Follow the steps as described in the images bellow.


Installing Windows7 Part1

Installing Windows7 is one of the easier and simplest way that can be understood by all.

Go Ahead with the Following steps.

  • Insert your Bootable Windows7 OS DVD and Restart your  PC/Lap Top. Your Screen will appear as bellow.

  • Keep the default Settings as such and click Next.

  • Select Install Now button.

  • Accept the license Agreement and click Next.

  • Select Custom option and click Next.

  • Select the Unallocated space and click next where the OS will be installed.

  • Your System will Restart once.

Part 2: PC Hardtech: Installing Windows7 Part2

Installing Windows7 Part2

  • Enter your user name here.

  • Now set your Password.

  • Enter the Product key that you have been provided with.

  • Select Use recommended settings option and click next.

  • Set the Date and Time.

  • Select the type of Network where you use the OS and click Next.

  • Here we go with your Desktop Appearance.Start using Windows7.


Installing Windows VISTA Part-1

Hi readers. here we go with the process of installing Windows VISTA.
1. Insert your OS cd and restart your Computer. You will find the screen below.

2. Select your keyboard language here. English would be there by default.

3. Click over Install now button over there.

4. Enter the product / Activation key over here.


6. Select the version which you want to install and then click Next.

7. Agree the license and click Next.

8. Select the custom (Advance) option since you are installing the Os.

9. Now create the partions and proceed further.


11. Now after the process the Windows will restart automatically in few seconds.

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