Windows 8 : Techi's Review

 Your PC was converted into smart phones..
Your smart phone is converted back to PC, and that is only through Windows 8..
It is boon for techies but a bit harder to the older generation..
But anyhow the next generation is only gonna rule 

New features are: 1) Pins and Picture password protection 2) Synchronizing Windows settings across machines if we have multiple computers at home or at work. 3)In Windows 8 We can Launch ISO Natively

  I started using windows 8 very recently. It was very difficult to get accustomed to it initially. Everything was very "un-windows" ish. There was no start icon in the task bar.. seriously? ?? Windows without windows start icon? ? eventually I found out a way to install it too . . but There are many visually appealing effects also.. the swipe screens are amazing. Swapping between windows and the left , right corners shortcut s are amazing. . Its definitely a new experience for ppl who would like to venture things 

  It is entirely different from w7. lots of new facilities are available and it wll take the people to next generation

It is not entirely diff from win7,.. Win8 is developed mainly focused on shortcuts and fast performance

 Windows 8 also contains two soft keyboards: an "enhanced" traditional keyboard, plus a new thumbs keyboard for non-touch typists.

 Knowing the keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 can save you a lot of clicking and dragging with the mouse, and make it easier to navigate the operating system.

 It is not user friendly.. the startup menu looks good but difficult to access by all... Basic options such as shutdown have to be searched a lot

 It is not user friendly.. Difficult to use the interface

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